Recently I took the time to read the family tree of Jesus. Where did it all begin, and where did certain people fall into place in his lineage. I knew that David was in there, and Abraham, and even Ruth as well. What I then read was something that I had forgotten and am so thankful to have been reminded of this. Matthew 1 verse 6 reads this, “Jesse was the father of King David. David was the father of Solomon (his mother was the widow of Uriah). Do you remember who was the widow of Uriah? Yes, Bathsheba was his widow.

Back in the Old Testament in II Samuel chapter 11, we recall the story of David and Bathsheba. David made a huge mistake by asking Bathsheba to come and “visit” him one night while a war was going on. What follows is something that seems to be straight out of a Hollywood movie. Bathsheba gets knocked up with David’s baby, David brings Uriah back from war so he can sleep with his wife, but Uriah refuses because he doesn’t want to dishonor the men that are still fighting. David then proceeds to get Uriah drunk in hopes that he’ll head back to his house for some loving, and with no luck Uriah still doesn’t go home. Then in a feeling of complete desperation David sends Uriah back to war with a message for Joab that instructed him to place Uriah on the front lines and then retreat in hopes that he will be killed. What? It does sound like a modern day movie.

So, Uriah was killed and after Bathsheba was done with her mourning period David sent for her and she became one of his wives and she gave birth to a son.

David had created a mess for himself and if he is like me once you get in a mess it seems easier to stay in that mess than to get out. We will swim around in our mess forever with the fear of the cleaning process and how it will change us. Getting cleaned up from the mess is sometimes harder than staying in the mess. BUT the outcome is so much easier once we are out and cleaned up, forgiven of our sins and able to move on. I would rather go through the sometimes grueling clean up process and get out of the mess. God is good to clean us up and allow us many second chances.

Although David was forgiven, he still had consequences for his sin. That is life. His were harsh; God told him that murder should be a constant threat in your family. I will cause your household to rebel against you. I will give your wives to another man. WOW! But it gets worse. You see, his baby that was born out of this sin got very sick and died. David fasted and prayed and wept continuously for days asking God to grant life to his baby. He did not want his son to die, but in the end he did. His consequences were great for his sin.

My favorite thing about this story is that God is good and redemptive and can make good out of something very evil. Although David and Bathsheba’s relationship didn’t start out the way it should (adultery was the basis for their relationship) God allowed the line of Jesus to come from these two. WOW, did you see that. David and Bathsheba conceived another son and named him Solomon, and through him continued the lineage of Jesus.

I am so comforted by this story. My life is full of mistakes. Although I have been fully forgiven from all of them, they still carry consequences. God used something that didn’t start out good, and created something marvelous.

An example that pops into my head automatically is the adoption of our son. His birth mom wasn’t planning a baby, wasn’t ready for a baby, and didn’t want a baby. In the midst of her sin and despair good is revealed. Our son is revealed and through him God will do wonderful things.

Thank you God for forgiveness and for redemption. We praise you for your goodness and for your grand plan that we cannot even comprehend. You are truly the master of our lives and the giver of hope, love and peace.

Jamie Ivey