I am a huge fan of dating in marriage.  HUGE fan.  I would even be willing to go out on a limb here and state that if you aren't dating your spouse your marriage will not be the best that it is intended to be.  I would also say that it's going to be hard to keep your marriage healthy, devoted to each other and pure without dating each other.

I know those are bold statements, but I stand by them.

Aaron and I love to date.

Actually let me rephrase that.

Aaron and I must date.

If we didn't date we wouldn't have the marriage we have.  I'm 100% convinced of that.  I know it sounds like I'm bragging when I say what I'm about to say, but we truly do have a great marriage.  We love each other well.  We trust each other.  We cherish each other.  We listen to each other.  We brag on each other.  We listen to each other.  We really enjoy being together.

One of the ways that we foster a great relationship is that we GET AWAY from our kids at least once a week and get alone.  We stop parenting and we get away to just be AARON&JAMIE and not mommy&daddy.  Date nights are a must in this household.

Last week we did something new for date night and I loved it!  We took a cooking class downtown at Whole Foods.  It was seafood night and boy did we make some fabulous food!  It was fun for us since we love cooking together and really love eating good food together.  We had fun and as usual Aaron did most of the cooking, and I just kept pouring the wine.  It was such a great time!

So …. men go now and make a date night for your wife.  What I'm about to say is a totally different post all together but if you think you're not getting enough sex from your wife then I have an idea for you.  Listen close.  Here's my advice.  Take it or leave it.  You listening?  Here it is ……. Date your wife.  Make her feel special.  Adore her.  Wash your car before your dates.  Take her out.  Make her feel as though there's no one in the world you would rather be with than her.  Buy her a gift for no reason.  Leave a card somewhere around the house where she'll find it.  Do the dishes.  Bring home flowers on a day other than mother's day, valentine's day or her birthday.  I guarantee if you do that for your wife she'll be putting out!

Here we are on our date night at Whole Foods …

Those are the Chef's that told us what to do!

So …. here are my thoughts …. DATE YOUR WIFE.  DATE YOUR HUSBAND.  One day all your kids will be gone and you'll be left with this person that you fell in love with.  Stay in love.  Keep falling in love.  It just gets better and better each year.  Make sure your love is moving forward and growing and not still the same as the year you were married.

If all your kids leave the house and you love your husband/wife the same you loved them on your wedding day then you have missed out on a whole lot of love.

Okay off my soap box.  Back to watching The Voice.