Aaron and I love to go out on dates.  Not only do we love it, but we need it.  If you are a parent and especially a parent of little children you NEED to get out with just your husband.  I've heard women say that they don't want to leave their kids and go out with their husbands.  You are doing yourself, your marriage, your family, your husband and your children a disservice by not dating your husband.  It is wrong.  Your children are not more important in your life than your husband.  In 18 years they will leave and go on with life and who will you be stuck with?  Your husband.  You better date him and continue to date him, because eventually it's just you and him!

Dating started to become hard a few months ago for a couple of reasons.  #1 it is downright expensive to get a babysitter each week.  We pay $10/hour and that just adds up week after week.  When we went to a cash only budget we had money alloted for babysitters, but sometimes that was gone after one date.  Then what?  #2 reason is because we added two kids via adoption and we just weren't ready to leave them with a babysitter.  We would end up going out after the kids were in bed and then be exhausted the next day!

Finally a solution happened!  My friend Shawnda and her husband Jason were in the process of moving here when she suggested a dating coop for us.  What a great idea!  It is such a marvelous thing and we are so blessed to be involved in it!  Every Monday night we get all of our kids together at one person's house and the other 3 couples get a date.  So, 3 times a month we get a date with no babysitting cost.  The other Monday in the month we are the babysitters!

Here is why I love this so much:

#1 – We are still getting to go out at least 3x a month with no babysitting cost.  Since we still have our babysitting budget and have some great friends that will watch our kids for free we're usually dating more than just 3x a month too!

#2 – We get to bless our friends once a month by watching their kids.  There are 13 kids in this group and we get the honor of allowing their parents to date by watching them.  Would I normally love to have 13 kids over here at one time to babysit?  No.  BUT I love to do it for my friends.  I LOVE to bless my friends.

#3 – My kids get to be around the same kids every Monday night.  They are starting to look forward to date nights as much as we are.  I have lofty dreams of them all becoming best friends for a lifetime because of this!

So, go right now and email or call your friends and set this up.  Pick a night that works for everyone.  Set a schedule and start this next week!  You will not regret it!


Deacon, Karis, Samuel, Micah, Story, Wesley Grant, Sally, Karis, Keziah, Jeremiah, Cayden, August and Amos.  LOVE these kids!