I love date night. I love getting ready for Aaron and wearing what makes him smile. I love coming down the stairs to find the kids going crazy and in the midst of that craziness stands my date, waiting for me. Everything can go wrong in a day, but if you know that later that night you will have your man, then it is all better.

Aaron and I work very hard on having “couple” time away from the kids. With two kids that are so young, it could be very easy to never leave the house and never be alone. Aaron is a fabulous date planner. He always makes every effort to make me feel very special and as if I'm the only person on the plane that matters.

Last night was date night for us. As we were leaving Cayden asked Aaron where we were going and he told him he was taking his mommy out on a date. Cayden just smiled and said, oh okay. It was super cute. I am proud of our marriage and proud of our life. We take each other very seriously and put each other above our kids. I think that you must do that in order to keep your marriage the way it needs to be. I don't want to get both my kids in college and look at Aaron and not have a clue about anything that interests him b/c I've been only interested in my boys lives.

So to my sweet husband, Thank you. Thank you for loving a girl that made SO many mistakes in her life before meeting you. Thanks for loving a girl that still makes so many mistakes. Thanks for loving a girl that brought so much baggage to the table. Thanks for loving ME the way you love me – with all you have!

I love you.