Aaron and I love to go on dates. Somewhere along the journey of adding kids to our family we promised each other that we would not forget about each other. We vowed to make our lives more than just about our kids. We would not put any kid before our spouse or our marriage. Our love must be strong in order to be good parents and good role models for our children.

We take all that to heart. Aaron still plans dates. He still surprises me. We still get dressed up to go out. We love to go on dates. Our kids know when we're going out on a date. Cayden figured out a few weeks ago that Mommy only wears her hair down when it's date night. Dang that kids is observant!

I was at the park a few weeks ago and I overheard a mom telling another mom about her and her husband's dating life. Her child was racing around her and looked to be about 1.5 when she told her friend that they had been out ONE TIME since her son was born. I can't believe she didn't notice me staring in shock at what she had just said. One time in 18 months, oh my gosh I would lose my mind.

I know that sometimes going out once a week doesn't work for everyone. It could be because of finances, a husband that ravels lots, lack of babysitters, or maybe you have a child with special needs and it's just not that easy to leave. I get it. I do. BUT you have to work at it. Find creative ways. Join a babysitting co-op. Find another mom with a child your age and get ideas or swap time. It can work.

Tonight is date night around here. I'm so excited and we're not even leaving the house. BUT we planned this out as if we were. Kids are all in bed by 7:21! Aaron's out picking up sushi from our favorite spot, I'm getting the blackbox out and Mad Men is calling our name from the DVD player. You see we're on a date tonight and yet we're not leaving our house, or our couch for that matter. We make it a date by making it special. By talking about it. By not bringing one computer or cell phone into the living room during our date time. It's our time.

So, if you're a husband out there reading this I sure hope you are planning an upcoming date night for your sweet wife, and if you're a wife reading this I sure hope that you are planning a date night for the love of your life. Plan it. Schedule it. Get it on your calendar.

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*Photo by Steven Bush