Aaron has a scooter and he's so dang cute on it!  He loves it and I'm just okay with it.  I'll admit that at first I was super scared of it.  Seriously if he goes from this earth I'm left alone with four kids and that's not my idea of a party.  He has assured me hundreds of times that he never gets on the freeway, never goes above 30 and always wears a helmet.  One good think about a scooter is there's not texting and driving.  Just can't happen.  I always say the same thing my parents said to me when I was a teenager that I hated … “it's not your driving I'm worried about, it's the other people out there.” …. remember that?  Oh I hated that comment and now I'm using it on my own husband.


Aaron has been begging me to ride with him on his scooter.  He thinks the perfect date night would be me behind him on his scooter driving downtown to our favorite restaurant.  My perfect date night is neither one of us on a scooter!  So, finally I decided that I would do it.  I'll ride with him.


He was so excited and immediately left to go and buy me a helmet before I changed my mind.  We had plans made for that night and since we were heading to Contigo, which is super close to our house & one of my new favorite places to hang and eat, I wasn't that worried.  In fact, deep down inside I was kinda excited!


We took our kids to the Stewart's and were about to head out on our date.  I had Stew snap this picture of us:

I see in my eyes excitement and terror all in one.  Aaron just looks creepy.


As we were leaving the Stewart's, someone yelled at us, “hey I think your back tire is low on air”.  So me being the freak-oid first time scooter rider is overly concerned that we stop and get air immediately before we flip over and die.  I'm dramatic if you haven't noticed.


We do the responsible thing and head to the nearest gas station to add air to the back tire that is going flatter and flatter the longer I sit on it.


What the heck?


Every time Aaron tries to put air in, it's pouring out and going flatter.  We can hear it.  We know this is not going good.


Our date night scooter dreams are diminishing before our eyes.



We had to call Bush, who was already at the restaurant where we were supposed to be and ask him to come and get us.


The tire was flat.  Would not hold air.  Aaron started to ride it home and it was bad.  So, he decided to get out and push it.  Yes he was pushing his scooter down the sidewalk of ST. John's at 8pm.  I was walking behind him but couldn't keep up.  I thought this was so hilarious.



Hilarious.  Our date night out on the scooter didn't exactly go as we planned!


Jamie Ivey