date mt bonnellA few months ago I was in charge of planning our date night for the evening.  I'm always at a loss here, because honestly I married the best planner for these type of things.  Aaron loves to find the best restaurant in each town we ever visit.  He loves to take me to great places here in Austin where we get the best food and best service around.   He's thoughtful like that.

So, when it was my night to plan I froze.  He also knows all the cool places.  I'm always thankful to be his wife, but when it comes to date nights I'm extra thankful.  He just takes me to great places.

This night I thought I'd go a little out of the box and do something out of our ordinary for date night, so I made it a surprise and it was so much fun.

We headed to Whole Foods first where I told him that we were going to eat dinner.  Eating at Whole Foods isn't that out of the ordinary, but it's not a normal date place for us so he was a little thrown off.  Then I told him we weren't actually eating there, but we were getting to go, well that really threw him off.

We picked out our food, snacks and wine and got it all to go and headed to our next destination, which was Mt Bonnell.  This is a beautiful place in Austin that we have taken our kids to before, but we've never spent an evening here together.  In fact I have walked all around Mt Bonnell, but never once have I sat down to enjoy it.

That night we did just that.  We put our blanket on the rocks, laid out our dinner and sat down for one of our most enjoyable dates ever.  We watched the boats below, and eventually watched the sun set while nature was all around us.

I loved this date night and loved getting out of the normal box of a restaurant with lots of people talking and people serving you.  This was just what we needed.   We were able to talk more, and enjoy each other more.

Date nights are so fun and even more fun when you do something complete out of the box!

What's your latest date night adventure?  I'm always looking for new ideas, so let me know!

Jamie Ivey