Today was our first day of having daddy home and having a no-talking daddy.  It proved to be interesting and not as bad as I thought.  Aaron and I have communicated pretty well with reading lips and me reading his mind.  He points and I try to figure it out.  It is rather odd to have your hubby getting your attention at home by whistling at you.  I feel like either he thinks I'm super hot, or I'm his personal servant and this is how he gets my attention.

The kids have done quite well with the no-talking daddy.  It is hilarious b/c Aaron will still mouth words to Cayden and Cayden always whispers back to him.  It is so funny!  Aaron will tell me what to tell them and so sometimes I feel as if he's not here even though he is.

Tonight was a normal night for us.  Aaron made an amazing pasta and chicken with tomatoes & artichokes.  Yummy!  The kids and Aaron are now doing boy stuff in the bedroom.  There is lots of wrestling, tickling and little boy laughter.  I love hearing that coming from their room.  I am not the wresting type mom, so they LOVE to have daddy home to wrestle with.  That might be their top request of him as soon as he walks in the door.  I love it!

So after the kids go to bed Aaron and I will sit on the couch and we will ichat all night long since we haven't had a lot of “real” conversations today.  Several times we both got frustrated with my lack of reading lips and his lack of moving his lips right so I could read them and decided that we'll just type it all out tonight on ichat!  Gotta love a good conversation over the internet!

I'm enjoying my family tonight over a great dinner, wrestling and reading books …. how are you enjoying your family tonight?