Is it okay for me to think my boys are the CUTEST boys ever. I am so in love with them and they continue to crack me up. Today we got out of the house to go to Target and visit Laura at the mall and they both wore hats (well in the car at least – they didn't last much longer!). Big boy insisted on this hat and little boy … oh my is he a looker in that baseball hat! Little boy had Big boy and I cracking up laughing tonight after baths. OH my goodness. He discovered a new noise he could make wiht his mouth and he wouldn't stop and we were laughing and that was making him do it even more. Oh they are fun!

Look at this picture that Big Boy drew for me today.

He told me that this is his little brother. You see the crazy hair on top, his eyes, nose and mouth wide open with his tongue sticking out. He said he is crying! On the side we have two ears that are bigger than his stick arms!!! He loves to draw faces and I think for three he gets things in the right places at least! He is so serious too when he is drawing. I think Big Boy is going to be artsy like his daddy and Little boy into sports like his mommy! We'll see where God leads them!

Jamie Ivey