If you are looking for someone to make you some shirts for your kids I have two people to recommend.  I know one of them well and one I've never met.

Laura from PITTER PATTER ART is someone that has blessed my socks off during our adoption.  Her and I have never met, but we have a mutual friend, and therefore we are friends!  She blessed Story with the cutest little shirt when she came home and just a few days ago a package arrived in my mailbox addressed to the Ivey boys.  Oh that made my heart smile with joy.  All my boys are here.  I love that!


The next person that I know is a sweet friend who also makes shirts.  Her name is Tamara and she has done a ton of cute stuff.  Visit her site TEE'S BY TAM and check out all the stuff that she's made.  Two of my favorite shirts that the boys ever had were made by Tamara.  I got them for the boys for Father's Day and they said “my dad rocks” with a guitar on the front.  We were heading up to meet Aaron at a camp and he hadn't seen the boys in a while and I dressed them in these shirts and I just loved it!

my dad rocks