We have gotten some great stuff for people to help with Fedna. Getting all this girl stuff is so much fun for me! I like to think about what dress or cute outfit to put on Fedna each day. Although today has officially been named “jammies all day” day at our house!!!

I want to make you aware of some great things out there that have been give to us. Some very amazing people took their time and resources and blessed us and Fedna with stuff. I love it all.

One friend has a friend who makes dresses to help fund raise for her adoption. They are absolutely adorable. I love them so much and can't wait to put Fedna in them!!! She sent us a few and I'm in love!



Click HERE to get to her website. Or click HERE to get to her blog. They are beautiful and would make a great gift for that sweet little girl in your life. Or maybe you know a family adopting and want to send them a home coming gift. These are amazing!

I also had a new friend send me some amazing dolls that she makes. They are so wonderful and she is a sweet heart and surprised me with sending me TWO dolls, one for Fedna and one for Story. How amazing is that. These dolls are beautiful and also would make a great gift for that little girl in your life!


This one is for Fedna to have and love and take back with her to Haiti


This is the one that we picked out to save for Story to have when she comes home!

Thanks to so many people that have blessed already with clothes and all kinds of stuff!

So … need cute clothes for a gift – GO HERE

need a cute doll for a gift – GO HERE


Yes I realize that Deacon has on a minnie mouse shirt.

Jamie Ivey