I am the queen of having a good idea and then it never goes any where.  Example #1 would be the plea I put out for you guys to help me with a teacher gift from Amos.  Remember the “A is for …..” request I sent out to you readers.  Goodness you had some great ideas.  Ask me if I even did this?  Nope.  I had even bought cookies for “cookies from Cayden”  and a cute box for his teacher and just last night I threw those cookies away b/c surely they are bad now!

I love giving gifts to teachers.  I usually either plan ahead only to not do it, or just plain forget.  Can I just pay someone to deliver teacher gifts to my teachers!

Yesterday I got the grand idea to go to HEY CUPCAKE and get Maris a cupcake for her birthday.  I know that she loves them and I thought it would be a nice little birthday surprise.  While there I got the grand idea to get cupcakes for all the kids teachers and ladies at the front desk at the big boys school.  Upon realizing that each cupcake is almost three dollars I landed on just getting enough for their individual teachers.  Sorry music, PE and art teachers, your sweet surprise will come another day!


Last night we wrote their teachers names on the boxes and had them all ready to go.  Sure enough as soon as Aaron got halfway to school  with the boys I look over and see those sweet cupcake boxes that had been forgotten!  Ugh!  I thought about taking them up there, but I wanted the boys to hand them to their teachers as a gift from them.  Oh well …. hopefully they'll still be good tomorrow!

I took Deacon and Story to school and as we were walking in they both insisted on carrying their teachers cupcake box.  For some reason I lost all mommy knowledge and agreed to let Story carry her cupcake box along with her lunchbox and backpack.  What was I thinking?

Of course you know how this story ends ….. She tripped and dropped the box and of course it wasn't taped and of course both cupcakes rolled out.  UGH!  $6 worth of cupcakes ruined and her sweet teacher gift ruined.  I quickly picked them up and put them back in all crazy looking and all.  We took the cupcakes to her teachers and I explained that they might want to scrape the icing off (which sucks for them b/c that is the BEST part) and just eat the rest.  Then I handed them the cupcake box and Story lost it crying.  I think she missed the part about giving these cupcakes away and not eating them for herself.  Poor thing.

So now I'm off to take Deacon to class and sure enough he's holding his cupcake box with one hand down by his side.  Oh my gracious now the beautifully decorated cupcake has half it's icing missing and on the top of the box.  I just had to laugh and let my expectations of these beautiful gifts go out the window!!

So …. tomorrow Amos & Cayden's teacher will receive their 2 day old cupcakes that will probably be dry.  Deacon's teacher only has half icing on it, and Story's teachers have to scrape the icing off to prevent their cupcakes from tasting like dirt.

Oh my children!  Fun times.

Jamie Ivey