Tonight I sat around the patio with Aaron, Emily Ward, Donna Sturart and Chris Collins and listened to them create music. I am so out of my element in this aspect, but to them this is their heart and soul. They are creating and using the gifts that God has given each of them. I pretty much feel honored to just sit here and listen to this process. I’m watching them play the guitar, sing some songs, then stop and talk about remembering the promises of God and then they start to play again and it all comes together. It is beautiful and complex but at the same time so simple and brilliant.

Aaron’s a great song writer and so are these people that are here with us. Tonight he hosted a song writers night. The challenge was set before them last week and tonight they were sharing the fruits of their works. Seven songs in seven days. Wow. Seven complete songs. Not seven ideas, but seven completed songs.

To me this means nothing, but to them it is their heart and soul. Tonight they each shared 2-3 songs that had been birthed in them this week. Donna Stuart shared a song she wrote about her husband Ben and it was one of my favorites. She talked about how it brought her pure joy to see him living in his passions and being full of God. I felt that tonight. I was so proud of Aaron and it brought me joy to see him joyful and doing what he is good at. He created a little community of song writers throughout Austin and beyond that were challenging themselves to write seven songs and then bring them to life in front of a few of their peers.  From what I hear that is not an easy task to do!

I love how Aaron creates these moments for artists to come together and bring forth their creations in a safe environment.

*this blog was written in April.

Jamie Ivey