The last 10 days have been CARAZY.  But crazy in a good way.  The day after school was out, Aaron, Cayden & I headed to Haiti for five days.  I was then home for 18 hours and left for a canoe/camping trip in Arkansas with some of our family.  I got home Sunday night and so today is my official first day of summer with the kids.

I have so much to share with you guys and over the next few days I hope to go through some of those experiences that I have been through in the past 10 days and share them with you.  I was a mess going into my trip back to Haiti and God showed up big time and the trip was just what I needed.  I had the scariest night of my life on the Buffalo river on Friday night and God moved big time in my heart that night.

Today has been my first day of summer and it went great.  I have two goals for this summer.  #1 to plan my day out the night before & #2 to enjoy my kids.  Usually if I have a plan it's easier to enjoy them and not get frustrated.  I can easily turn into selfish mom and get frustrated with them.  I'm wanting this to be an awesome summer!  It's gonna be a crazy summer with lots of traveling by all of us, but in the midst of that I want to make it all fun.  Last Wed when I was home for 18 hours (including the night I was sleeping) I was a mess trying to get clothes washed, kids unpacked, repacked, and get ready for a camping trip for me.  At one point Amos looked at me and told me I was grumpy.  I probably told him to go to his room for talking to me like that, but I haven't stopped thinking about it.  I do not want to be grumpy mom.

Today we went to the park with friends, had a great lunch, Story napped, boys read, boys did some summer school work, played in their rooms, went to Target, swam at the Y, made dinner, watered the Ingram's garden, and finished with a 30 min tv show.  It was a great day.  I wasn't even grumpy.  Tomorrow is gonna be good too.

I'll leave you with a few pics from my past 10 days and hopefully over the next 10 days I can share the good stuff with you from these past two weeks.


{Paige and I at her graduation}


{Us and Tara & Troy at the beach in Haiti}


{Cayden and Wonsli – the child he sponsors through Compassion International}


{The last picture we took before we hit the waters of the Buffalo River – we had no idea what was in front of us!}