I recently just began a new Bible Study with some friends that contains some much needed conversations for us parents. It’s called Christ-Centered Parenting. It’s put out in partnership with Lifeway and ERLC and has some of my favorite leaders in the video discussions. Friends of mine like Jackie Hill Perry, Russell Moore, Trillia Newbell, Ben Stuart, and more. Throughout the study conversations around human dignity, technology, relationships, identity, and sexuality are discussed. The hope of this study is to equip parents to have meaningful conversations with their children around these topics. They break down the how-to into different age groups as well, so that no matter what age your children are there are talking points in this study for you. 


One of the reasons that I’m loving this study is because as a mom I’m always wanting to have meaningful conversations with my kids. I also know that sometimes it’s difficult to find the words and the time (over dinner? In the car? At tuck in?) to have these conversations. Also, as someone who spends a lot of her time encouraging mama’s to have these conversations I love when I get to point you to resources that I think matter. 


Talking to our kids about matters of sexuality can be scary and intimidating. But I agree whole-hearteldy with something that Dr. Moore said in the video teaching on sexuaility from the Bible study I mentioned above when he said that we as parents need to “beat the culture to the punch by staying one step ahead of our kids so they can trust us as parents.” 


This is our goal as parents – to be the ones that educate our kids on matters of sexuality, and give them a healthy, Bible centric view of God’s view on sexuality. Because the truth is this: No matter what, they will hear about issues of sexuality from someone and I think you truly want it to be you. 


Below are some podcasts episodes where my guest and I have talked about issues of sexuality as it relates to us parents and our kids:


I’ve also written blog posts in the past that you might find helpful HERE. And currently this Summer, my family and I have been reading and discussing Sam Alberry’s book, Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?, and it’s been great for our teenagers. The next thing we are going to walk through as a family is a video series from Christian Sexuality. They have created several tools to help us as parents (and pastors and leaders) cultivate conversations around sex, sexuality, and gender. Yes, please! You can find out more HERE


No matter how old your kids are, know that you have the unique privilege and responsibility to help guide them in their view of sex, sexuality, and gender. Educating yourself is a priority, along with being willing to engage in honest and safe conversations with your kids.