Usually once a week we switch from the  normal toast/waffle & fruit breakfast and have muffins.  We're not usually consumers of packaged food, but muffins have a special place at our breakfast table, and hey these were strawberry!  It is easy for me and a super treat for the kids. They love it.

Today after the muffins were consumed the boys were still hungry so they each asked for a bowl of cereal. Cayden does fine with cereal, but Deacon, not so much.  He always spills it and everything in my wants to tell him he can't have any because we're already dressed for the day and I know he'll spill it on him.  However I don't want him to feel little because he is convinced he is big enough to handle just about anything!

I was eating my muffins minding my own business when I see Deacon struggling with his cereal.  After every bite to his mouth he would have to wipe off milk from his tray and legs with a towel.  I was grossed out and was saying “i told you so” over and over in my head, but decided to keep my mouth closed and just watch.  It was quiet at the table when all of a sudden Deacon screams STOP IT MILK while looking down at his cereal bowl.  It was all I had to keep from busting out laughing and spewing hot coffee all over the table.  He never looked up and was sincere when speaking to his bowl of milk.  After about 30 seconds of silence and disbelief, Cayden looked up at Deacon and in the most calm and confident voice said, you know milk can't talk, and then went right on eating.

No one budged. It was hilarious!

Jamie Ivey