One Sunday morning I was teaching a class to 3rd-5th grade boys and we were talking about things that are always true.  You know, things like the sun always rises.  The summer always ends, even if Texas in November can still feel like summer.  God's word is always true. One of the kids announced that people always eat.  I then rocked his world when I told him that this is not always true.  There are millions of people in this world that only get one meal a day, and some go days without food.  He looked astonished and worried.  Then another sweet boy said that it's true that everyone in the world has at least $1.  Oh I shocked him too when I gently told him that this again is not true.  He then changed his tune to 50 cents and I had to let him down again by explaining that lots of people in this world don't have any money.  This is a hard concept for most kids here in the United States who will not miss a meal, or go a day without water.

Compassion International is one of my most favorite organizations in this world and it's because they are striving to not only bring food and education to children around the world, but also to bring them Jesus.  They do everything through local churches in the areas where they work.  What that means is that it's not Americans standing around passing out hand outs, but yet it's people working within their own community to literally change people's lives.  They are not only offered food and medical help, but the children are given an education, and we all know what that can do to a child's life.  For $38 a month you can help provide nutritiious snacks or meals, health education, medical check ups, educational opportunities and the ability to hear the saving message of Jesus.

If you are a blogger, you might want to know about the Compassion Bloggers website.  They provide ideas for you to blog about that will help spread the word about Compassion, and bring more children the life saving help that they need.  Head over to their website and check it out.  If you would like to sign up to be a Compassion Blogger, you can do that HERE.  Compassion has declared September as their month of blogging and they are trying to get 3,108 children sponsored from September 1 to September 30.  If you are compassion blogger you will be eligible for prizes and giveaways just for blogging about Compassion and helping them get sponsors during the month of September.  The coolest prizes by far is the chance to win a spot on a Compassion Blogger trip in 2013.  That prize goes to the blogger that gets the most sponsorships from their blog in the month.  How awesome is that!  I know lots of you bloggers out there have tons of readers, so get on this and maybe you could go on a trip with Compassion next year!

In the month of September I'll be blogging about Compassion and trying to get more children sponsored.  Will you join me?  Click HERE to comment and join the discussion.  Do you already sponsor a child?  Tell me their name and where they live!  Click HERE to head on over to the sponsor a child page and look at the kids still waiting on sponsorship.  Maybe one of them is your child to sponsor!