There is a group of people in Uganda this week that are all passionate about one thing.  They are all interested in seeing people released from poverty in the name of Jesus.  They are all there with Compassion International and all of them will be blogging while they are there.

I hope to fill you in on a few of the bloggers that are there.  I have never met any of these people in person, but follow most of their blogs.  They will be journaling while they are there and hope to help 500 more children sponsored and released from poverty and given new hope in the name of Jesus.

Please visit these blogs this week.  Encourage them.  Pray for them. Most importantly if you and your family do not sponsor a child I encourage you and demand that you look into  helping a child and their family escape from poverty.  You will be blessed in more ways than you could imagine through this.  I'm ashamed that we just began sponsoring a child last year.  No one can tell me that they can't come up with an extra $32 each month.  For us that is one less time eating out, one less new shirt, one less movie …. the list is long.  You get my picture.  Go now and visit these blogs.  Go now and sponsor a child.  You will never be the same.

Tom Emmons 

Brian Seay 

Keely – Queen Anne's Lace 

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer 


 Whittaker Woman

Shaun Groves 

Ethos by Randy Elrod