We talked about my struggle again on air and we put a poll up on website to see how others thought as well.  Before you even jump to conclusions, no I am not deciding what to do based on what others tell me, but it's good to see why people think the way they do.

There have been lots of comments on facebook, the website and emailed to me that I wanted to address some of the good and the bad.  Here we go …

1.  On our website Jessica left this comment:  “Wow, are you serious? I am a mom of two so I understand the value of being with your kids; but at the same time that was very selfish to go out and audition, winning and taking opportunities away from others. This is something that should have been much more thought out.  I hope you can figure out how to make being a mom and working work for you because there are plenty of moms out there who don't have that choice.”

Several people have left comments stating that it was selfish of me to audition and that I should have thought about this more before I went out and tried out for the job.  I am trying really hard to not take this personally, but I have to disagree.  I don't feel me trying out for this or winning was a mistake at all.  I believe I was there for a reason and while I was there I think I did a dang good job.  I never knew I could do this and I did it.  I went out on a limb and auditioned for something that seemed impossible.  For that I'm proud of.  My kids can be proud of me.  My husband can be proud of me.  Heck, I'm proud of myself.

I truly am sorry that other people that also tried out didn't get the job and that they feel as though I took something away from them.  I just don't see that.

For those that say you should have thought about this first, well guess what … we did!  Lots!  We prayed and asked God to shut doors, open doors, move our hearts, allow me to feel peace, allow Aaron to feel peace.  We followed God with this and I don't believe he makes mistakes or leads people where he doesn't want them.

2.  Wendi says this on our website:  “You will never get this time back… They grow up so fast… Before you know it, you will be at their graduations and try to look back, but what you'll see the most of is your career…”

So true Wendi!  I will NEVER get back these days with my kids.  NEVER. My daughter has two years left until kindergarten.  Do you know how much her and I can do in two years.  My kids will only allow me to wake them up, kiss their faces and hug all over them each morning for a few more years.  I don't want to lose a moment with them.

3.  My friend Erin said this on our facebook wall:  “Obviously, the decision is up to Jamie. I would say that if Jamie wants to keep working then there are certainly ways to help the kids cope with having a Mommy that works. If we followed our kids' lead on everything they would never go to school, go to bed or brush their teeth. I think Mommies that work are great role models. Good luck with your decision, Jamie. I know you'll make the right one for you and your family! XO”

Thanks Erin!  I know Erin and know that she's a FABULOUS mommy and also works outside the home as probably one of the best teachers in her school.  I want to use her comment to show that it's not about me thinking working is bad and staying at home is good.  I just feel that right now my struggle is this and in a few years I bet this struggle will be gone.  Oh the struggle …..

4.  Patti emailed me at work and said this:  “just heard ya'll talking about you possibly quiting kvet to stay home with your kiddo's. I would certainly miss you if that happened, but as a mom who has done it both ways I can tell you that you will never regret being home with your kids when they are little. I have two boys, both grown now, and was not able financially to stay home with the first one. I still regret that I didn't somehow make it work to be able to be home with him. They are small for only a short time and you can't get that time back. There will be so much time for you to do whatever you want when they are grown and gone.  My advice, which I am sure you are already doing, is to pray about it and let God lead you.”

Thanks Patti!  The best emails, facebook posts and website comments for me have been those that encourage me to do what's best for me and my family!  I have struggled so much with feeling like I'm letting lots and lots of people down with this.  I'm letting down Bob, Bender, Eric, David, Joel, the list goes on and on of people I work with.  I feel like I'm letting down sales people and those that have trusted me to endorse their product.  I feel like I'm letting down all of the listeners that voted for me and that welcomed me with open arms and have supported me so much these past five months.  BUT at the end of the day I owe none of those people anything.  The people I owe my life to are these people … Aaron, Cayden, Amos, Deacon & Story.  Not even Scout (our cute little dog!!!)

5.  Laurie emailed this to me today:  “Just wanted you to know that should you decide to go back home and be a full time mom again, you will be greatly missed.  The morning show will never be the same.  It has been awesome to see the show thru a woman's eyes.  Not that Bob and Bender can't get the job done, but with you in there, you seem to keep them grounded.  Your place is where your heart is, and after looking at your precious children, I see why you are so torn.  I have been a listener of KVET since I moved to Austin 4 years ago.  The addition of Jamie to the show has been amazing.  You will truly be missed!”

Those emails are precious to me.  Thanks for supporting me and validating my time on the show.  Thanks!

So there are some of the comments I've been getting today.  Monday the big announcement comes at 7:15 on the show.  If you get a chance to go vote and leave a comment on our website I would love it!