Okay y'all I'm starting to feel so gross.  My eating has taken me to a place of grossness lately.  It's just convenient to eat like crap.  When life is cray you eat when you can, what you can, wherever you can.  It seems like the Ivey's life has been CRAZY for the past 3 weeks.  Lots of good stuff, a few bad things, and just outright busy.  I'm preaching to the choir here.  I know you guys get me.


I need to change next week.  I want to do a cleanse/detox, whatever you want to call it.  I need to flush out all this crap I've been putting in my body.  This morning I was contemplating this and of course what the heck did I eat for breakfast?  Bacon.  Gross hospital bacon.  It was convenient, and I refused to eat cold grits.  What's going in my body is effecting what's going out, if you know what I mean.  (I know some of you would never discuss your poop, so I'm sorry)  Let me just say that I can tell that I'm not putting good stuff in, by the way things are coming out.  Or should I say not coming out some days.  AH I've grossed a few of you out.  Please keep reading.  No more poop talk!


So … I need your help.  What do you do to get your body back on track?  Do you have a detox plan? A cleanse plan?  I've done the Master Cleanse a few times and am not opposed to it, just trying to hear from all you guys about what you do.  My only saving grace during these crazy times is that I'm still using my greens, which get me lots of servings of fruits and veggies.  I'll keep doing that throughout whatever I do next week.  Oh I just need to get back on track.


I want to hear from you guys!  Click HERE to leave a comment & give me your ideas.  The only kicker is please don't be mean or talk rudely to someone else that does something else.  To each his own.  Just sell me on why your detox/cleanse is the best!!!  I'm not talking diet folks.  I'm talking CLEAN ME OUT!


Ready.  Go.  Tell me what you do!


Oh, and one last thing …. anyone want to join me?  Accountability will make this much better for us all.  Anyone else struggling with putting bad food in their body recently and want to clean it out?  Let's do this together!