Christmas season is officially here! This year has been simultaneously a drag and incredibly fast. Part of me feels like quarantine started 5 years ago, and another part of me feels like I blinked and it was Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, here we are! And I’ve got some fun things for you this year.

Christmas time is my favorite part of the year for a lot of reasons:

  1. I get to do our Annual Holiday Gift Guide episode! Have you listened yet?! Do that HERE.
  2. I absolutely love the festive smells of candles and cookies and all the things!
  3. I get to spend a lot of time with my people
  4. I get to make the house all cozy with fun Christmas decorations


So I’m gonna share some of my favorite pieces of Christmas decor that I’ve stumbled upon! I want my home to look festive without being too overdone, so I try to be intentional about finding pieces that create a cohesive holiday look. Most of these things you can find on Amazon, and I’ll make sure to link everything here so you can easily get to it!



To start off, this ornament was a gift from an incredible small business called Trove. They were actually one of the featured vendors in our Holiday Gift Guide this year, and I just love how classic this ornament is. You can find that HERE.


Some other ornaments I love are these fun Geometric ornaments, and these beautiful rose gold ornaments. If you’re looking for a classic silver set of ornaments to balance out your louder ones, check out this great set HERE.


I also love adding poinsettias to the tree. A lot of them are usually silver, but I really love white ones so I found this great set here. And of course, we can’t forget about a solid tree skirt. This one on Amazon is so classic and cozy!



Something else I love for Christmas decor are throws! The one in the photo above (hanging over my chair) is from Parker Clay, also featured in our Holiday Gift Guide! You can purchase that here. PLUS if you use the code PC-JAMIE15, you get 15% off your purchase! There’s also this one that looks like it was specially made to be used by the fire while watching a Hallmark movie!

Christmas tree figurines are also a great way to spruce up your holiday decorations. I love this set that’s great for around the fireplace and living room side tables. I also love timeless candle holders like this set.



Okay, let’s talk garland. A fireplace without garland at Christmas time is like drinking hot cocoa without whipped cream. If you like dark green garland, this one from Amazon is beautiful (and I love the frosted touch!) If you like light green garland that’s less thick, this is a great one too. Don’t pass on Christmas stockings, either! I love these knit Christmas stockings, and you can add hanging cut out initials like this set as a nice touch.


Here are some other Christmas decorations I love:

Mini Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

Modern Mantle Decor

White Christmas Ornaments

Table Runner

Christmas Candle

Throw Pillows

Birch Tree

Christmas Kitchen Towels

Star Shaped Wreath



Thanks for reading, friends! If you liked multiple items in this post and don’t want to open 30 tabs in your browser, I’ve added all of the Amazon items to my Amazon shop! You can check that out HERE.

We’ve got some other fun posts coming your way in the next few weeks, including children’s books for Advent! Stay tuned!