If you missed me in the last week it's because I was sailing the seas on a cruise boat with five other couples.  We had so much fun and I hope to post pictures and tell fun stories eventually on here, since this is the only scrap booking this momma of four will ever do!

Until then I must tell you about something else.  You all know how I feel about Christmas gifts ….. they can be a bit overboard sometimes and it turns my stomach upside down.  The Target lady on tv is funny, but seriously that is not what Christmas is about.  The commercial with the kids going ballistic over presents and then it says “the best day of my life” or something like that.  GAG.  I do not like to associate Christmas with gifts.  For me I could fall into that trap in a heart beat so I have to try extra hard not to.  Some of you may be able to protect your hearts and spend a butt load of money on gifts, but I can't. My heart would turn on me in an instant.  I know my weakness and I will not go there.  (don't write and tell me I'm bah-hum-bug … I don't care what you think.  No my kids aren't deprived, for the love they are probably getting bikes this year.  I just don't go crazy!)

Anyhow …. I'm getting off my soap box to tell you one of the ways I do like to spend my money over Christmas and that is through local people selling things that benefit people around the world. I'm taking this directly from the FOR THE CITY WEBSITE ….

Local fair and direct trade vendors will join Trade As One on Saturday, December 4th from 9am – 3pm at The For the City Center/St. John Campus (500 East St. Johns Avenue, Austin, TX 78752). Vendors scheduled to attend include Ethical City, The CDK Project, Hanna Galo, Hill Country Hill Tribers, Makarios International, Raven + Lily, Good & Fair Clothing, Kibera Penda Project and Noonday Collection. The History of Redemption from The Austin Stone Community Church will also be sold at The For the City Network booth on Saturday.

If you remember the NOONDAY COLLECTION and HILL COUNTRY TRIBERS have both done giveaways on this site.  I know that Cara and April who won them would vouch for their awesome quality of stuff!

If you live in Austin be sure and stop by on Saturday at the St. John center (address listed above).  You won't be dissapointed!  Bring your shopping list and knock all the names off.

On a side note and probably none of you care, but I bought a cool app a few weeks ago to keep track of my gifts.  I have a gift box in my closet and on more than one occasion have forgotten about what's in there and then overbuy or things go to waste.  Ugh.  so, I bought this app ….. BETTER CHRISTMAS LIST

In case you missed my other Christmas posts over the years here they are ….





Some of the things you will see this weekend:

Hanna Gallo crosses:

Noonday Collection necklace:

Trade as One “cowboy bill string doll” only $10

earrings from the CDK PROJECT:

Christmas Coffee boxes from Makarios:

(this has my father-in-law written all over it!!!)

Raven + Lilly baby bibs:

Canvas from Kiberia Panda Project:

Jamie Ivey