Christmas was such a joy around here this morning. We took our time and enjoyed each other. Aaron cooked up a fabulous breakfast with eggs, sausage (veggie of course) and red pancakes! It was awesome. While I cleaned up the kitchen the kids worked on their puzzles at the table. It was a regular ole' Leave it to Beaver moment around here.


First the kids opened presents from Shawnah and Dodo and loved every single one of them.

Look how excited Cayden is about Deacon's gift:


They love these motorcycles!


How beautiful is this dress! Maci made this! Story wore it to church today and received many compliments!


I see lots of hours of fun with this!


Oh and a tea set! Every little girl needs this!


Aaron looks ready to play!


Then it was on to gifts from Mommy & Daddy. We get each of our kids three gifts each year. A want, a need and a surprise. This year they all got the same surprise – a trampoline! Oh my word Aaron and I were so excited.

The boys each got a pair of jeans and a new shirt:


Story got a jacket from Old Navy that I think I'll take back and get some more clothes. Not sure what I was thinking buy buying it. It just looked so cute hanging there, but she already has enough jackets and let's just be honest it doesn't get that cold here in Austin!

Then the boys each got Batman suits. I swear they could have only gotten these and been so super happy! I think they've worn them every day since they got them!


Story got the BEST gift every and if you are a parent adopting a child and can send them a gift, send them this.


*She's holding it in the picture

It is the LeapFrog SCOUT dog. We love it. You can program their name in there so the dog says things like “I love you Story.” “I'm tired Story”. It sings a song S-T-O-R-Y. So cute! Love it!

Then the biggest gift is the TRAMPOLINE that we got the kids. They have jumped on it all day every day. I'm in love with my boys being outside and playing! Story likes it but only wants to sit in someone's lap while on it. She'll be a jumping machine one day too!

Then stockings:



Jamie Ivey