Recently my five year old who is in Pre-K brought home the dreaded note that all of us parents hate.  You know the one.  It goes something like this …. “Parents, we are studying holidays in our classroom and we would love it if your child would create a poster that tells all the class how you celebrate the holidays.”

Need I remind you that she's in Pre-K so here are a few thoughts.  #1 My five year old isn't creating anything.  #2 I hate making posters.  #3  I hate making posters.

So, Story and I of course waited until 20 minute before we had to be at school to create this poster.  No biggie!  I love living life 20 minutes away from each deadline.

I began to ask Story what we celebrate in December and here's how our conversation went:

Me:  Story, we need to make this poster to tell your friends what we celebrate in December.  What do we celebrate?

Story:  Christmas.  We celebrate Christmas.

okay good, she at least knows what we celebrate!

Me:  Yes, we do!  Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Story:  Because of Santa.

what the heck?  this isn't going well.

Me:  Santa?  We don't even believe in Santa.

Story:  Yes we do.

Me:  No we don't.

Story:  Well then we celebrate because of presents.  We get presents.

oh dear Lord this is not good.  does she ever listen to me?  doesn't she know she's a pastor's kid?!

Me:  No, we don't celebrate Christmas because of presents or Santa, we celebrate because of Jesus.  What is so important about Jesus at Christmas time?

Story:  I don't know.

she's giving me a blank stare.  i think i'm actually doing the same because this surely can't be happening.

Me:  You know, silly.   Jesus … his birth … Mary … the angels ….

is this ringing a bell at all?  she keeps staring.

Story:  Oh yes, Jesus was born.

Me:  Yes, Story that's why we celebrate Christmas.

story poster

 (here's our poster.  is that not the most awful poster you've ever seen?  i'm really bad at this stuff)

Then yesterday we sat down to breakfast and Cayden said we should read the Christmas story aloud over breakfast.  He proudly ran and got his bible and said that we should go to Luke.  Aaron and I grinned our we're-so-proud-of-this-kid grin for knowing exactly where the story of Jesus' birth was located.

I pointed him towards Luke chapter 2 and quickly he said that he was looking for Jesus' death and wondered where that was.  I asked him why he needed to know about Jesus' death and he proudly proclaimed because it was Christmas and we were celebrating his death.

Aaron and I then cracked up laughing and lost our we're-so-proud-of-this-kid grin and reminded Cayden that Christmas is about Jesus' birth.  Cayden then cracked up too and if you know my sweet Cayden, this story will not surprise you.  Sometimes we wonder what's going on in that head of his.  He's a thinker and sometimes that causes him to think some silly things!


Both of these crazy Christmas stories crack me up!  You would think reading the Jesus Storybook Bible and doing advent would sink in, but apparently the Ivey's think Christmas is about Santa and the death of Jesus.  We'll figure it out soon!



Jamie Ivey