Our family has never been focused on Christmas gifts a lot. Aaron and I have never gotten gifts for each other. Last year was the first time my kids received gifts from us. I have always loved getting gifts (my selfishness!) but over the past few years it has seemed pointless to me. The things I need are minimal, if any. The things I want are outrageously expensive, so therefore what do I need anyone to get me for Christmas? Nothing. We have decided this year to not exchange gifts with our family. We started thinking about this a few years ago when we were walking through a Target trying desperatly to find a gift for under $15 for my mom before I had to ship off the box of presents. I ended up getting her some crappy mittens and a matching hat. She lives in Texas. She doesn't need these. They were crappy. They were $15. She took them back. You get my point. I wasn't giving her a gift because I loved her. I wasn't buying something that she would love. I was trying to get her $15 spent so I could check her off our list. STUPID!

I am not saying giving gifts is bad. Remember this is OUR journey and OUR convictions. I am just letting you in my mind and our hearts.

This year we were trying to figure out what to do for our kids for Christmas. I mentioned three gifts because Jesus got three gifts and Aaron said that was cheesy. Oh well. I mentioned no gifts. We weren't willing to go there. I mentioned one gift. Might as well do none. Then my friend Tamara told me what they are doing this year for kids. One need, One want, and One surprise gift. There we go – that's what we'll do.

I don't want my kids to be focused on gifts for Christmas because I was while I was growing up. I can still tell you the MAJOR gifts my parents bought me because I wanted them. They weren't cheap. I was a spoiled brat. My parents were awesome, but I didn't need that HUGE Dooney and Burke purse just because everyone else had one. I was spoiled and ungrateful. Very ungrateful. My parents should get all the money back that I made them spend on me. (just kidding mom, please don't ask for that!!!!) I was an ungrateful spoiled brat. (Mom & Dad – I'm sorry.)

I can't lay my head down at night if I spend hundreds of dollars on gifts while children in Haiti, Peru, Africa, all around the world have NOTHING to eat and I'm busy buying everyone crap gifts just to be politically correct. I can't do it and won't do it.

So, what does your family do for gifts?