Since we are already in November I thought I would put together a list of places that you could spend your money this holiday season that would make a difference.  I am so not about racing around the malls to buy a bunch of crap for people that doesn't mean a thing.  I wrote a post in December of 2008 that does a good job of showing the journey that Aaron and I have been on with gift giving around Christmas time.

For our family we get our kids four gifts.  They each get a pair of jammies on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas day they get three gifts: something you want, something you need and a surprise.  My kids have no idea that they should be getting more by America's standards and they have no idea that Santa didn't come down their chimney and leave them anything!!  By no means do we think this is how everyone should do it, but this is just how the Ivey family does it!  Don't hate and don't brag …. we're all on the same journey!

So, here's my list of places that would be great for you to spend your money!  Please send me anymore you can think of and I'll keep adding them all the way up until Christmas!  Happy Shopping! Let's try to at least buy some of our gifts from places that count!!!!!  🙂

The Mason family has created ornaments for sale ($10 each) that benefit the adoption of their next child from China.  They already have a daughter that was brought home from China, and so they know the road they are on and are making these great ornaments to help support their adoption fund.  Super cute.

Shop at CREATE FOR HAITI November 1-8th and 15% of your sales go to HEARTLINE MINISTRY in Haiti.  Heartline does amazing things to help women empower themselves in Haiti.  I love this organization and respect and admire all they do for the women in Haiti!

Noonday Collection – Here is some fabulous stuff that my friend Jessica is showcasing.  I love that just the other day I got an email from her where she was telling me about emails she gets from people that are actually creating this stuff!

THE MERCY HOUSE SHOP – All of the stuff sold at this Etsy shop goes to support THE MERCY HOUSE in Kenya that is a place for young Kenya girls to go to get off the streets.  It looks as though this stuff is changing all the time.  You will for sure find some great stuff here!

ELIZABETH CREATIONS – Elizabeth is a friend that goes to the Stone with me.  She is using her talents to help those in the process of adoption.

This next one is awesome because even Tim McGraw wears one of their shirts!!!! How stinking cool is that!

*Photo by:Andi Stempniak – Tim McGraw came down the stairs and played to the crowd during his Friday night performance at Country Fest in rural Cadott. McGraw wore a baseball-style T-shirt that read “147 million orphans” on the front and “Feed 1” on the back.

147 MILLION – I love these ladies and their heart for adoption and helping those that are adopting!  Actually every person in our family has a shirt from this organization and we all love them!  Great gifts and stocking stuffers!  Go get you one or two now!

PITTER PATTER ART – Okay so Laura is actually not taking any new orders for Christmas after 11/1, so this doesn't help you much, but you just might need a gift for early next year and this is your girl.  I have bought shirts from her, key chains from her and even one of her baby blocks. I love all stuff from her!

I also found Debbie's stuff from Laura's blog.  All her sales benefit her adoption from Ethiopia!

COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL – this is an organization that is near & dear to our hearts.  Our family has 2 children that we sponsor through Compassion and we have seen first hand how amazing this organization is.

WORLD VISION – This organization has a gift catalog where you can give money and then give it in someones name.  Love it!

Courtney Holder – This woman is an artist and is using money from her artwork to help fund her adoption.

FUNKY FISH DESIGNS – Love this stuff!  I recently attended a party where I bought a bracelet from this organization that I love.  Once again, it feels so good to buy a piece of jewelry and know that my money is making a difference.

Falling Whistles – I am new to this organization, but was blown away (no pun intended) by the video on their website.  Head on over to read more about this great organization.

Alisa over at AFamily4Him blog is doing a fundraiser for their own personal adoption. They are selling these super cute Pillow Pets and 30% of sales this month go towards their adoption.

Rachel left a comment reminding us about TOMS that donate a pair of shews for every pair of shoes bought.  I have had 2 pairs of Toms and really do love them.  She also told me about a shoe company called Sseko Design that has super cute sandals!

Bridgewater candle company has a line that sends money to feed children, it's called “light a candle, feed a child”.   I love candles and especially love them if I know that when I am making my house smell good it is helping feed a child somewhere else!

The Fox family is selling posters to help fund their adoption.  They are so cool looking.  Head on over to pick one up for yourself or someone you love!

If you live in the Austin area you don't want to miss this:

Art Reach Fair – November 20th, 10am – 4pm at Westover Church of Christ

If you go to the Stone please stop by and get a Chosen Marathon t shirt from the St John campus.  I know the marathon is over, but the money still goes towards our Abba Fund at our church! Here are some of the runners the morning of the race!

Here’s my new app that I just got for my phone to help me keep track of gifts that I have bought and need to buy.  It’s called the Better Christmas Gifts with A Difference List app, or something like that!