One of our family traditions is to make homemade pizza and decorate cookies on Christmas Eve. Although this is a tradition it has really only happened one time on the actual day it is supposed to happen on, but we always improvise. Last year, Aaron had to lead worship on Christmas Eve and this year we were driving home from Houston. It's truly the tradition that matters and not the day is what I tell myself!

This year on Christmas day after the festivities of opening gifts and eating breakfast we made pizzas and decorated cookies. Jimmy & Laura were there for the pizza eating! It was lots of fun and I so enjoy doing stuff like this with my kids. I mean planning it and remembering it are a joy to me. Sometimes I have to remind myself to be joyful in the moment when pizza sauce is all over the floor, icing colors are mixed and Carson is licking icing and cheese off the floor all day long. BUT it is a joy to do this with my kids. 🙂

A friend from church, April, just posted a great blog post about her family traditions for Christmas and it is a great read!  Head on over there and get some great ideas for next year!  My friend Julie also posted a blog recently about a “happy birthday Jesus” cake that I'm for sure going to make next year for Christmas day!