I'm trying to declutter my bedroom.  It's a task that literally will be on my to-do list until I die.  Here's why … When I clean and pick up my house do you know where everything goes that doesn't have a home?  My bedroom.  Do you know where all the “I have no idea what to do with this, so I'll save it” goes?  My bedroom.  Do you have any idea how crazy this drives Aaron?  I do!

I also have a few tendencies that some professionals (mainly Aaron, who calls himself a professional in this area) might conclude that I have a hoarding problem.  I like to refer to it as being practical.  You never know when you might need something.  Here's an example.  On my desk right now in front of me is a package of laminating sheets.  My friend Tamara gave these to me a long time ago when we lived in TN.  We've been back in Texas for 4.5 years.  They have been on my desk that long.  My thinking is that I never know when I'm going to need to laminate something.  Even though in my short 34 years of life I have yet to laminate anything in my life.  Never.  But you never know when I might need to.

Okay after reading that paragraph I might have a problem.  I'm throwing out the laminating sheets.  Actually I can't dare put them in the trash, that gives me the cold sweats.  Anyone need them?  It will pain me to throw something so useful in the trashcan.  Anyone?

On to the real point of this post, I found a box in the corner of my bedroom that has been there for way too long.  I promised Aaron last night in a moment of weakness that I would get rid of it.  It has shirts in there that never sold from our CHOSEN MARATHON in 2010.  Yes that's almost 3 years ago.  Yes, they've been in my bedroom that long.  Yes, I'm starting to see my problem.

chosen race shirts

I'm wanting to get rid of them this week.  The thing is that all the money goes to our Abba Fund at our church, so it would pain me even more to give them to goodwill, when I could sell them to you and help someone at our church adopt.

Here's the original post when I was trying to sell them.  Please tell me that you will go and look at how little my babies were in these pictures.  How do I have four kids that are growing up so fast?  Oh my gracious.

Back to the shirts ….. please tell me that you want a great shirt!  I have Champion running shirts and regular American Apparel t shirts.  They are both Navy.  Here's the deal.  $7 plus $5 shipping.  $12 if you need it shipped.  If you are here in Austin $7.  Cash or checks made out to Austin Stone.  Don't put my name on that check!

Please help me get rid of these shirts so that Aaron will be happy when he looks in that corner, and so that I can sleep well at night knowing I didn't give away shirts that could have made money for the Abba Fund!


Okay.  Here's what I have.

Men's Running:  1 medium & 1 large

Ladies Running:  1 small

Regular T-shirts:  2 kids size 10 (these are not for 10 year olds – maybe a regular kids small) – 1 small – 4 medium – 4 large – 2 XL

If I can sell them all, that's $112 to the Abba Fund!

chosen shirt