So, I've been wanting to have ways that the kids could help around the house. We have a morning routine & night routine posted in their bathroom and that has already helped. I can tell them to look at the chart and see if they are ready for bed, or ready for school. Love it!

Anyhow I thought I would utilize the chalk board wall that I insisted on painting in my kitchen and this is what we have:

Each day the boys have one main thing they need to help with around the house. Basically I have them cleaning their bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, and picking up dog poop. Sounds pretty easy to me.

They already have their regular stuff that they do in the morning and night as far as making bed, picking up rooms and getting stuff ready for next day.  Story does that stuff as well, but she hasn't made it to the chore wall yet!

I'm thinking of maybe even doing another little system for every day stuff. My friend Laura sent me this picture of how she does stuff with her kids.

This way each kid has a jar with jobs in it that are to be done throughout the day. That way I could monitor what is put in there each day and it could possibly vary day by day and kid by kid. Stuff such as homework, make bed, brush teeth, clothes ready for next day, feed dog, etc.

We also have a few things that are extra if you are wanting to earn some extra cash. I have to make my bed every day, so if you want to do that I'll give you 50 cents. If you want to match socks (oh I hate this one) I'll give you 50 cents.

So, that is what we have come up with. What do you do to make sure your kids are helping around the house and pulling their weight? I'm finding out that the more people/dogs that live in one space the more I need help and we need to work together!