Guys I straight up got crafty this weekend, and let me tell you when I make something I seriously want to tell everyone because well I just don't make stuff on a normal day-to-day basis. Or really ever for that matter.

Last week when I chatted with Emily I told her that I was in dire need of some sort of system for the kids. We have a chore chart that we have used for well over a year and it has functioned very well. I highly recommend the simplicity of it, and for some reason it just worked for us.

But this Summer I wanted one spot where it listed their chore, what they  needed to do for the day (like brush your teeth and make your bed – because all of my children see no need to do either of these on a regular basis – they are gross!), and their media allowance. I knew that I did not want my kids on their devices, or watching tv all day long but didn't want to be nagging all day either how long they had been playing games. I also make my kids read and do school work in the Summer. Mean mom, I know. I'm not talking every day because believe me we forget a lot, and we fill our days pretty full in the Summer as well. But for the most part I want their brains to continue to work.

So … I spent hours on Pinterest and found something I liked. I really wish I could have just bought a kit, or paid a friend to make it for me because I get all sweaty armpits and stuff when I think about “crafting”.

BUT guys … I did it. I crafted and made exactly what I was wanting. I took myself to Hobby Lobby and bought all of my supplies, and knocked it out in about 30 minutes.


I feel really foolish telling anyone how to make anything, but I'll go ahead and tell you how I did this. It seems super self explanatory to some of you, but I'm confident there are some of you out there that are like me and you need the simple stuff made simpler!


// letters // spray paint // clothes pins // nails // string // glue gun // burlap ribbon (I had to literally text my friend Amy to ask her what kind of ribbon this is … I was going to write …. stiff ribbon … oh dear lord)


Spray paint letters // fill out chores on clothespins // hot glue burlap ribbon to back of the letter // clue string to back of letter // add cltothespins // hang on wall

Guys. I just told you how to make something. I'm dying laughing over here and hesitant to even push publish.

Anyhow … that's my tutorial on how to make a chore/media/reading chart for the Summer, which we will for sure use when school starts and I'll take away some of those media pins and add in homework pins.


The chores my kids do are: Trash, laundry, clean bathrooms, and vacuum. Every day one kid is doing one of those things! We usually don't do them on the weekend, because who wants to do chores on the weekend?!?

**UPDATED** many of you are asking what they do when the chore is done, or how do I know that they have done what they need to do. Well, they put the clothespin on the other side and it says DONE. 🙂

Jamie Ivey