Tonight I dropped my boys off at a friends house and kept a brave face, but inside I was melting.  I'm leaving my kids tomorrow for two weeks.  13 night-night's.  That's a long time for all of us.  I'm getting to do some amazing things and so on one hand I'm extremely excited, but on the other hand I'm gonna miss my babies a lot.  I told you already that I'll miss their first two weeks of school, and although I know they will be fine, I still feel bad for missing such big things for them.

Whenever Aaron and I go out of town together, I'm always amazed and blown away at the generosity of our friends to help us with our kids.  We don't have grandparents close by, and so these people are like family to us.  I'm telling you, the Austin Stone has the best single ladies in the world.  They love my kids fearlessly and are a huge blessing to our family!  Love you ladies!

Tomorrow Aaron and I are headed out to Montana with several couples from our church.  I've never been to Montana and I'm beyond excited about the whole thing.  I'm going to go rafting people.  White water rafting.  This is on my bucket list (or if it's not, I'm adding it tonight).  Then on Friday I head to London with our women's discipleship program at church.  I went on this trip last year and it was monumental in my Christian walk, and so I'm looking forward to going again.  Then Aaron will come home and have the kids for a week without me.

I have set up guest blogs for the next two weeks and I'm super excited about them all.  Please leave them a comment and let them know your thoughts.  They'll respond back to you as well!

So, this is my last post of the summer.  When I return, my summer will be over and I'll be back to school life.  Haiti, Canoe trip, Family Camp, Colorado, Montana & London = a GREAT summer for me this year.  I have loved this summer and it's been so fun, but I'm secretly looking forward to the routine of the school year.