Cayden's sick.  I hate having a sick child.  I picked him up from bible study and he immediately told me that his ear hurt.  He had a sad look on his face and his eyes were red and his cheeks were red too, which is a common sign that he is on the way to being sick.

We headed to Wal Mart so I could get a few things and then were off to the clinic.  As I was getting them out of the car to go in to Wal Mart, Cayden looked at me and said, but mom my ear hurts why are we here and not going to the docotr.  So, I loaded them right back up in the car and aplogized for being selfish and trying to get a new DVD player real quick before we went home.  UGH!  Selfish mom moment of the week!!

We went to the clinic and sure enough very red eardrum and very red throat.  We didn't do a strep test, b/c he is getting antibiotics anyways, but she said he could have it.  Poor guy, he has cried all day and has felt so badly.

I pulled up to the drive through at the pharmacy and he told me it would be an hour and a half.  My mommy bear voice came out and I told him I have a very sick, crying baby and I can not and will not go home and come back.  He then changed his tune to 30 minutes and I was happy.  I didn't mean to be a meany, but seriously …. 90 min for amoxicillin.  whatever!

While we waited we headed over to Sonic, because a diet coke and cheese sticks can cure any mommy stress for me and an apple juice slush makes any sick kid feel better.  Sonic treated us right and we were all happy for about 10 minutes!!

The kids are in bed now and I have a few hours to get some cleaning done.  I'm off the upstairs closet to purge and organize.  Did I mention that my BFF Amy from Dallas sent me a random surprise in the mail this week?  Oh yeah, I now have my own label maker!!!  I love that girl!

I'm off to sort – keep, garage sale, give away, trash …. and of course piles to label!!!

Jamie Ivey