Today would have marked our 3rd football practice, but the last two have been canceled for rain.  Don't worry that I drive 45 minutes to get to practice in Austin traffic.  Dang what we do for our kids.  Anyhow …. back to practice today.  We're on a new team this year and most of the kids know each other so that makes Cayden and a few other guys the odd man out.  Good thing kids are kids and usually (especially boys) just become friends with anyone and move on!  It might take us moms a little longer to become friends, but kids are usually resilient about just being friends!

Last year our team seemed a lot younger.  All the boys seemed about on the same playing field.  By the end of the season, there were for sure some that stood out more than others, but for the most part we all were about the same.  Tonight at practice I was blown away by some of the kids and their skillz!  (yes i just put skills with a “z”!)

There are quite a bit more kids on the team and it looks like a lot of them can actually catch and throw pretty well.  I truly do think Cayden will be an athlete and I think the kid can run, but he is for sure behind in his throwing and catching compared to some of the other boys.

The coach said they were going to throw the ball and I said to my friend Linda, “oh no, Cayden is not good at throwing or catching”.  Linda then said the sweetest thing.  She said “well that's why we are here to practice”.  It brought me back to reality that my son is SIX for the love and yes that's why we are on the team to LEARN.  For a split second I had forgotten that and was fearful that he would be the worst kid on the team!  Ha!

I love sports and truly do deep down inside of me pray and hope that all my kids not only play sports, but excel at sports.  I'm being honest when I say that I want the starter on the team.  I don't want my kids on the “b” team I want them on the Varsity team.  I know this could be come an issue.  Maybe an idol.  I am a little bit joking, but a little bit serious too.

Although Cayden didn't catch one ball tonight and had more crappy throws than good throws I didn't say a word about them, and instead asked if he had fun.  He did!  At SIX that is ALL that matters.  I truly believe that.  Even though I want Cayden, Deacon & Amos to play college sports (Story too of course) right now I truly do want them to HAVE FUN!



Monday night I took the kids to the Round Rock Express game with some other Kid Stuff volunteers. The kids loved it and Cayden even came home with a home run ball that almost hit him straight in the head!   I promise Amos was there, but he just wasn't in the mood for pictures!


Oh and the kids all have jerseys on not b/c we had a soccer game, but b/c I told them we were going to a baseball game and they all three insisted that they wear some sort of jersey!



The Boys!