Our oldest son, Cayden, is such a thinker.  His little brain is always moving.  Sometimes when you talk to him it's as if he's not even there and then all of a sudden he'll say something like ….. “mom, every single day of the world is someone born?” ….. or “mom, if I was about to get hit by a car would you push me out of the way and die for me?” ….. or  “mom,  who has more super hero powers Super man or The Hulk?”  ….. Those are true questions.  I love that kid.

Last night we had the best conversation in bed.  He told me that he was going to worship God and pray to him as he fell asleep.  He said he wanted to write a song to God and he would be able to write it all down when he finally gets to 3rd grade.  🙂  I told him he could write songs with his daddy because his daddy likes to do that too.  His eyes lit up and I think until that moment he had no idea that Aaron did that.  It was so cute.

Tonight Cayden wanted to talk about God again.  Each night he tells me he wants to talk about God and each nigh these questions are getting harder and harder.  Last night he asked where people went that didn't go to heaven.  He asked if God loved all those people even if they didn't love him.  He asked how you get to heaven, and how will he know if he's going to heaven.

Tonight Cayden asked me why Jesus had to die.  He asked if he (cayden) was the only person in the world that was perfect if he would have to die on the cross.  He asked me why it had to be the cross.  Why did he have to die that way.  I honestly looked at him with a big blank stare.  I prayed with him and told him that I would send his daddy in immediately to answer questions such as why he had to die, why on the cross, and how has Jesus always been God's son even before he was born.  Oh my my.  🙂

As I left I felt so good for his questions and his little brain that is always moving.  Last night we talked more about following Jesus with your whole heart and soul more than we ever have.  He was inquiring on how to get to heaven.  I tried so hard to explain that it's more than just saying a prayer and saying you believe, but yet it's about following.  Laying down your life.  Trusting.  Believing.  Giving your heart and soul and life to someone.  Oh dear Lord please guide my words!

I also left his room thankful that my kids have to spend so many hours at KidStuff at church.  I think they are taking some things in!  Ha Ha!


Jamie Ivey