*Photo by Jen Cota

Cayden is our thinker of a child.  If he doesn't get something he will question it.  I hope that this builds lots of knowledge in his faith and that he doesn't try to out-think God at something.

Anyhow … the other day I was trying to get his attention and I probably went through all the names of the kids before I finally said “hey you!  what is your name?”.  He looked at me very confused and asked why I kept calling him the other names of the kids.

I explained that with Cayden, Deacon, Amos, Story, Aaron & Carson I can get all the names confused.  He very plainly looked at me and said … “why did you have all these kids if you can't remember their names?”

I laughed out and told him he clearly had a good point, but I was happy I did have all these children!

I love his little mind!

Jamie Ivey