Last week my big boy turned eight and we had a party in our backyard.  We had told Cayden he could have a party at home or he could invite 2 friends to go out to eat with him and daddy to celebrate his birthday.  At first he chose the meal and already had his 2 friends picked out, but then he started feeling bad that his friends from school wouldn't all be invited.  His little heart was sad that they couldn't celebrate with him, so he went with a back yard party and invited all his friends from school.


Aaron and I seriously can't believe that we have an eight year old!  We are beyond proud of this little man.  He has been saving money for a while and just yesterday bought his own Nintendo DSI and is now consumed with it!  He was so excited with every dollar that he earned or was giving as he had his eye on the prize of his own DSI!


Here are all the party goers!  Isn't it awesome how diverse our neighborhood and school are!  We love it!


The pinata was a great hit!!!

Here are three crazy girls!!

Cayden got to choose where he wanted to eat for his birthday meal and of course like a true Ivey he chose Chuy's!  His main concern was if they were going to sing to him or not.  As soon as we sat down he told the waiter that it was his birthday and asked if they would sing to him!

Jamie Ivey