My sweet first child turned six over a month ago and he has been so patient with having a birthday party. When I left for Orlando for my girls getaway I told him that I would plan his party as soon as I got home. Well two days after I arrived home an earth quake hit Haiti. We then spent our days consumed with news from Haiti. All of our energy went to selling shirts, doing tv interviews, benefit shows and working hard to get Amos home. Then seven days after his birthday our sweet Amos arrived home.

To say that life has been crazy since his birthday would be a huge understatement. Life has been unpredictable and crazy. I kept promising my sweet boy that we would indeed have a party for him, and today was the day for his party!

We invited some friends from church, and his classmates to join us at putt-putt today for a fun round of golf and cupcakes. He had lots of fun with his friends and we are thankful for several of our family friends that love our family and love our kids lots!

We took all the kids to the Peter Pan putt putt downtown Ausitn. What fun! Little did we know it was a bring your own beer type of place!!! I'm sure the adults there that were having fun with their friends were excited to see all the rowdy kids head out for the night!

I'm thinking that Aaron and I need a date night there sometime!

Enjoy the pics from his birthday party:

They put his name on the sign out front!



Me teaching the kids the rules. Mostly the what NOT TO DO!





Those are some good looking boys:




My sweet friends:


Thanks to the Navarro's for helping Cayden sport the UT gear!


Most of the guests! Thanks friends for loving Cayden!