Tonight I prayed this prayer over Cayden:

Jesus thank you for all that you do for Cayden and through Cayden. I ask that you will continue to guide him and show him how he can be an influencer for you at school. Amen.

Cayden then proceeded to ask what an influencer was.

This led to GREAT bedtime discussion between Cayden and I and then later Aaron and Cayden. He told us both how all the kids at his table believed that Jesus did die on the cross and then became alive again except for one little boy. He said that his church didn't believe that Jesus was alive.

He then told Aaron how that he had told them all that Jesus was alive and that even though he died he came back alive. He also told us how his teacher told his table that they couldn't talk about these things. We told him that he can always talk about Jesus and how he is alive, but he should obey his teacher as well. We said that at school we should talk about school things so he stays on track, but if he wants to talk about Jesus to his friends on the playground and lunch he could.

What a great discussion we had with Cayden tonight. I love that we were able to encourage him and reinforce what he already believes.  I love conversations while snuggling in bed.  Good stuff always comes out of those times with my kids.

Jamie Ivey