Cayden turned 7 a few weekends ago and I can't even believe this.  Where did time go and where is my baby?  Something about your first born getting older is harder.  Before I know it this kid's gonna be in middle school, then high school and oh goodness gracious he'll actually move out one day and go to college.  Then get married, have kids and I'll be a grandma.  You see how fast it all happens!!!!!

He's getting so big that we actually have conversations sometimes.  I mean real conversations.  We're getting past the talks about how many hours it would take to walk to the moon, or if I think Star Wars is the best movie of all time, or who is the better fighter between Super Man and Bat Man.  Last week before I dropped cayden off for school we had talked about what it means to be albino, what drugs were and how some are bad and some are good for you and he couldn't wrap his mind around my job in life.
We talked about our friend Jimmie have albanism because he was asking why Jimmy didn't wear contacts.  It's funny how our kids that have grown up since birth around Jimmy have never once asked about his hair or glasses.  We talked about drug use when he saw the sign at the school that says “just say no to drugs”, and then right before he got out of the car he busted out with the question “mom, what's your job?”.  I told him my job was to take care of him and the other kids and take care of the house and that kinds of things.  He then asked again with a very puzzled look, “No Mom, what's your real job?”.  That took some explaining, but he finally accepted my answer!

My baby is growing up.

Here's some pictures from his party at the park!

Cayden and Sammy

Celebrating Cayden with his birthday cake

The line for food … cute boys!

Maris & Augs

Look at these girls!  Does Paige have some pose or what?!?!?  I love it!

Bush, Stew, Jeremy, Jeff & baby Tyler

Cayden and one of his best friends from school, Amanique

good girlfriends are good for a girls soul!

these two are trouble!

Our crew at the party!