Since we first began adopting from Haiti Cayden has always asked to go visit the country his brother and sister are from.  During our adoption process we debated about taking him.  He wanted to go badly, and he would have been old enough, we honestly just didn't want to have to buy another plane ticket and then make our time in between visits that much longer.

Now that he's older he is really excited that he is actually going to Haiti in May with us.  I have shared with you already that I'm a little anxious about heading back to a place that has been so hurtful to me.  I know that this trip will be profound for me in healing and also in watching my 9 year old son experience something so different than he has ever known for the first time.

He is super excited about one thing and one thing only for this visit.  He is finally getting to meet his friend that he sponsors through Compassion International.  He is beyond thrilled to meet Wonsli and play with him.  Aaron has met Wonsli on a few trips to Haiti, but I never have and so secretly I'm super excited about this as well!  We are also going to head out to RHFH to see the people that run it and to show Cayden the village that Amos and Story grew up in.

We have always told Cayden that he would have to raise his money if he wanted to go and visit Wonsli.  He's excited about this and has already written a letter to send to friends and family about supporting him financially and through prayer.  I'm excited for him to hand these letters out to friends and family.

I was going through a closet the other day in Aaron's studio and came across a box of old HELP HAITI shirts and we decide that Cayden could use them to help him raise the money he needs to visit Wonsli.  So, we have a few shirts left and Cayden would love for you to get one to help him get to Haiti to meet Wonsli!  To order a shirt click HERE and there's a form to fill out!  It's super easy.

Thanks ahead of time for your support of Cayden and this big trip in his life.  I'm praying that God would use this trip to open his eyes to the rest of the world and soften his heart towards people.