Today I asked Cayden if he wanted to go to church with daddy or stay home with mommy all day long.  He thought for a moment and then told me that he wanted to stay home with me.  When I asked him why he said because he wanted to be with Story more.  He said he doesn't get to be with her much since he's always at school.

How sweet is that?  My big boy is compassionate and wants his little sister to love and adore him.  I have a feeling it might take a while, but no doubt it will happen.  He's a great big brother and I think soon enough Story will see that too!

I just fixed Story's hair in little puffs all over her head.  That was a challenge since she has had no nap today (she boycotted) and was out late last night and is just in a bad mood!  He looked at her finished do and told me that she finally looked like a little girl!  I have no idea what he means, but he reassured me that he loves her new hair do!

Picture 11