Meet Carol Desir.  She works at the Clinic and is a nurse and an educator there as well.

Here are Carol's hours of that she works for the mission:

Clinic Consultations – Tues, Wed, Thurs – 7a-5p – sees approx 100 pts/day or 1200/month
Education classes for teen girls – Sunday – 3-5pm
Radio – program is Mon 5-6pm, often requires 3-5 hours of prep time

She is an extremely hard worker and excellent in patient education. She does not hesitate to tell people that they need to accept Jesus, follow His Ways, and change their lifestyles for better health and life. Her father died many years ago and her mother has been blind for several years. She is the oldest of the children. She graduated from high school and then worked to put all of her brothers and sisters through high school. After they were done with their schooling, she went back to nursing school and was always the top in her class. All the while, living at her mother's house and caring for her. She isn't from the Cazale area, but has found a place to stay in the village when she works here. She receives about $200 per month.

Here's a letter she wrote to us today:

“I am called Carol and I work in the Good Samaritan Clinic. I do education for young women. I help with a radio health education show. I also do consultations in the clinic. The money that I make helps rent my mother's house, put my brother in a vocational school, gives me food, and helps me take care of myself. I love to work here because, if it wasn't for my job, I wouldn't be able to do positive things in my life. Thank you very much.”

Would you consider donating to RHFH to help them continue to employ people like Carol?  RHFH treats their employees with respect and dignity.  They all get at least 2 weeks of paid vacation per year.  Them and their family receives free medical care from the clinic.  When needed RHFH will help with medical exams or needed medical procedures.  If a worker is pregnant they get a 6 week leave that is paid and if they need more time off they will hold their job for 6 months.  You can't even get that kind of job security in the states sometimes!  They also get a yearly bonus of 1 months pay.  This means they actually get paid 13 months pay per year.