Throw the cutest kids’ party



If you’re thinking of throwing a cacti/desert-themed party, I’VE GOT YOU COVERED!


Last month, we threw the cutest little party to celebrate the upcoming launch of my kids book God Made You To Be You! We spent weeks planning it, brainstorming the aesthetic, finding the perfect decorations, thinking of fun activities, and guess what? It turned out better than we could’ve imagined.


I never thought I would have so much fun at a kids’ party!


Since we did all the busy work, you don’t have to! I’m going to break down everything you need to pull off a party just like this, and even links for where to purchase! I have a feeling you’re saying thank you so I’m just going to jump the gun and say you’re welcome (;




Pennant banner

Got this adorable pennant banner from Amazon – so simple but tied the whole look together really well!




During the party, we had a reading time for the book! So we laid down a bunch of blankets for the kids to sit on while we read. If you don’t have any outdoor blankets, you can find some here.



SUPER proud of my team for putting this together! Grab a bunch of green balloons (5-inch probably works best) and make your own balloon cactus! Here's a great video we used to create it!






We set up a whole temporary tattoo station for the kiddos and they loved it! You can get a whole pack of cactus and succulent tattoos HERE.

Coloring pages & Crayons


If you need packs of crayons for the party, we used these! Also, if you pre-order God Made You To Be You, you receive coloring pages as part of the goodies package!



Cactus ring toss | Bounce house | Bubble machine | Bubbles | Toys




The cool thing about food is how much it adds to the decor and aesthetic. We got these incredible cookies made by… and they were just the perfect touch.


Drinks are always a must of course and maybe I’m biased, but holding them in a giant tub is the best for parties! It’s so easy and looks so good! AND if you're looking for something that's easy for the kids, you can get these bulk packets of apple juice!





We had a custom backdrop made for our party, but you can get a general cactus-themed one on Amazon here!




For our party favors, we left a box of children's books at the exit so each child could pick one to take home with them! This is a cute idea because it allows the kids to look through and see how colors, letters or pictures catch their eyes!


So, that was a lot BUT I’ve made it even easier for you! I’ve created a whole list for these party items over on my Amazon shop! You can get all of that HERE.





*We use Amazon affiliate links.



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