Today during the boys rest time I worked and watched a movie. That's how I do lots of work around here; with a movie on in the background! Aaron hates it and says it is a horrible way to watch a movie. I say I just know how to multi-task and don't have time to just sit and watch a movie and do nothing else. 🙂 Anyhow, today my Netflix movie, The Business of Being Born arrived and I immediately watched it. This is a movie I've been saving for the first week of summer when Aaron hits the road and I can watch movies that he would have no interest in!


I was very impressed and it made me want to deliver a child with a midwife. I don't plan on birthing any more children, but IF I ever did this film completely convinced me that I could do it and would want to do it. The accomplishment of doing it on your own with no meds and in the comfort of your own home actually seems very intriguing to me.

I am kind of ashamed that I had all the drugs given to me during the delivery and lots of them I never even questioned.  I just took them without even asking about them.

If you are pregnant now or ever want to have a baby in the future check this out.

Jamie Ivey