I recently ordered a book that was written by an Austin mom that is raising three girls that are black and she wants to help all of us “pink” parents out!  I found out about this mom and her seminar that she was putting on through our church, but unfortunately couldn't go to the day seminar so I ordered the book.

If you are a mom, grandma, aunt or friend that is white and has black children in your family I highly recommend this book for you.  It is called “BROWN BABIES PINK PARENTS” and it basically goes through lots of stuff that it entails to raise children that are brown when you yourself are not.


Here are the chapters:

What is transracial adoption?

Is Transracial Adoption Right For Me?

Best Practices of Transracial Families

Love is Not Enough

White Privilege

Role Models

Honor the Spirit

It's All About the Hair



Final Thoughts


This book is an easy read.  I think I read it one or two sittings and seemed to just breeze through it.  I bought the book for hair care.  Believe it or not I'm still looking for hair advice even though Story has been home over 18 months now.  Hair is not easy.  Story's hair is not easy.


I will say that in the book there were lots of chapters that we have a handle on since we've been parenting a child of a different color for 5.5 years now.  Some of these things were very elementary for us, although had we read them 6-7 years ago they would be monumental reads for us.  There are some things that I would disagree with the author on, but isn't that true of most books. 🙂


So, you looking to parent a child of a different color than you. Add this to your “to read” book list.  You'll surely find something in here that will help you out!

Jamie Ivey