Recently I got to have coffee with a woman here in Austin that has created something big.  It was so fun to listen to her story about how she always wanted a bra inside of a robe so that when she was getting ready her boobs weren't falling out everywhere and she could still be comfortable in a robe.  Have you ever wanted that?

So, she did what every sane woman does and she went all over town searching for a robe with a bra in it.   Y'all she never found it … so she created it!  I love this!  People like this make change happen.

_DSC4289The Mommy Brobe:  Re-defining comfort for pregnant & nursing moms.

Welcome your baby in comfort, support & style in our luxurious Mommy Brobe- the world’s first quality nursing bra and robe combination. Whether you are in the hospital, birthing center or at home, our Mommy Brobe delivers!
Designed by a nursing mom to meet the changing support needs from pregnancy to birth and beyond, the MOMMY BROBE is there to comfort and support you through it all.  Made from luxurious Modal cotton, this super soft, versatile robe bodes a flattering fit and provides the extra support moms need. Their hook and eye nursing bra makes for easy access during nursing and, it's detachable, to take you through the day! Every mom deserves a little extra comfort and support, during this special time so make sure you’re ready with the Mommy Brobe.

If you have ever nursed you know how you just want to be comfortable and you also need convenince.  Allison sent me a brobe and I immediately walked it down to my girlfriend Laura who has a 5 week old and she texted me that she LOVES it!  I can't even exlain to you how soft this brobe is.  You would literally want to sleep in it.


Then Allison described the brobe that she created for women having breast surgery, and specifically mastectomy's.  She was horrified at the robes that they were given at the hospital and decided to create something that anyone would be comfortable in.  The brobe has pockets on the inside designed to hold the drain tubes, and the latch in the front of the bra is velcro so it's easier for someone who is recovering from surgery.  This is so dear friends.  I love it.  Here's Allison describing this Brobe:

Brilliant friends.  Brilliant.

Here's the best part guys!  I have one of these to give away and you could be the hit of the next baby shower when you gift this to someone, or maybe you are about to have a baby and this is just what you need for yourself.    If you don't win, this would make a great gift for someone.  Remember Christmas is right around the corner as well.  Or maybe you know someone that is about to embark on a mastectomy and you could bless them with this.  You will make their time in the hospital and days at home recovering much smoother!

If you don't win, that's okay because you can use this discount code DREAMBIG for 10% off until October 8th!  Go get that gift for the new mom in life today!


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