I have a new favorite breakfast and I'm actually mad when we are out of eggs, because I'm not sure what to do for breakfast.  This breakfast makes me so happy.


What we have here are two eggs perfectly fried where the yoke is still runny when you cut into it.  Then I lay those on a great bunch of greens, and actually eat a salad for breakfast!  To finish it off I add veggie cheese & hot sauce.  Y'all this is heaven on a plate, especially when you cut into the eggs and the yoke runs and basically is your dressing for your salad.


This picture captures a perfect morning for me.  My perfect breakfast.  Fresh coffee.  Bible & journal ready to read Romans.



This perfect morning was a few days ago, and it turned quickly to a bad morning.  I took this picture to email Aaron and show him my great morning.  Then I cut my eggs and walked outside to talk to a neighbor.  You might see where this is going …. my DANG DOG jumped up on the chair and practically devoured my breakfast in one gulp.  Eggs were all over my bible and forever I will think of my missing breakfast when I read Romans 2.