It's 10pm and I'm in bed.  Early, I know.  My mind is still moving so I hope I can drift to sleep.  I think I'll turn on the Bachelor and see what happens.

My thoughts as I drift off:

Kate McRae

Deacon's surgery tomorrow (#6 if we're counting)

KVET announcement

Why was Miley Cyrus in Haiti?

Why do I make a quesadilla at 10 at night?

My pregnant friends.

My wanting to be pregnant friends.

Aaron at an adoption conference – wish I was with him.

My friend that just started her adoption.

Her quote “my world will never be the same” after she visited her new son.

Weight Watchers.

Colossians chapter 2

Philippians chapter 2

Easter Sunday

SXSW – what the heck?  How do I get to see THE CIVIL WARS?

American Idol – family show or not?

The Davis family.

Cayden shared with a me about a night he cried himself to sleep.  my heart still hurts.

the Hatmaker's about to meet their kids.

Will Aaron and I go to Cali this May?

Next year I'll have THREE kids in elementary school.

Okay …. now I'll never fall asleep with all these thoughts in my brain.  BUT for real will you pray for my sweet Deacon tomorrow at noon as he has another surgery?

Thanks my friends!