These monthly reading list blogs are really a mental check-in for me at how quickly everything is going. Feels like not that long ago I couldn't go outside without double layers – now I'm living in my swimsuit! Aaron and I just got back from our 20th anniversary vacation in Palm Springs (hence the fun little palm trees graphic), so I had some time to read by the pool and rack up some recommendations for you!


Here's what I read in June:


Sisters of the Resistance

This was an absolute page-turner. The subtitle is A Novel of Catherine Dior's Paris Spy Network. Written by Christine Wells, it's about two sisters who join the Paris Resistance during the most dangerous time of the war in Paris, 1944. One sister is risking everything to hide a man from the Nazis; the other sister gets herself into trouble everywhere she goes. FANTASTIC read.



When Strivings Cease

My dear friend, Ruth Chou Simons wrote When Strivings Cease as an encouragement to reject the need to prove our self-worth and instead accept the free gift of God's life-transforming grace. This book doesn't release until October, but you are definitely going to want to pre-order this. Beautifully written and full of so much truth.



God, Do You Hear Me?

Y'all know we're a big fan of Derwin Gray around here! He has a new book coming out in October called God, Do You Hear Me? and I had the opportunity to read it early. I don't want to give too much away, so I'll just tell you this: If you need to be encouraged in your prayer life, this is the book for you. Mark your calendar for October 5th!



Food Saved Me

You may have heard me talk about Danielle Walker before because her cookbooks have been a lifesaver for Story! Danielle is the founder and author of the blog Against All Grain, and several cookbooks that are entirely gluten and dairy-free recipes. In her newest book Food Saved Me, Danielle shares her story of being diagnosed with an extreme form of ulcerative colitis at 22, fearful that she would never be able to enjoy food again. She set out to prove her doctors wrong, and worked to create the gut-healthy versions of the foods she loved. I'm pretty sure that her THREE New York Times bestselling cookbooks show that she was successful in this journey (: This book comes out in September – definitely make a note to snag it!



That's a wrap, friends! What have you been reading this summer?

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Note: Just a reminder, as you read the list of books I recommend, remember to use discernment. While I may recommend a book or author, it does not suggest that I am in full agreement with every opinion/statement that the author portrays.


Jamie Ivey