I've been reading a lot lately and really enjoying it. I haven't hardly read one blog all month, but I am spending more time with my head in an actual book, so this is a good thing. Also, let's be honest summer vacation gives you much more time to read without other crazy commitments. I also read at my kids baseball games and practices. Yes, I'm that mom that reads in between innings!

Here's what I read in June:

1. Saturday Nothing: The Words I Wrote While Waiting on Jesus by Josh Martin

I've told you that I'm a sucker for memoirs and so I jumped two feet into this book that I found in Aaron's office.  Apparently Aaron endorsed it (which I think is super cool, because I'm fairly certain I'll live my whole life and never be asked to endorse a book!) and I didn't even know that until I read it!  I knew that we received a big box of books a while back for Aaron to hand out, but I just thought him and Aaron were friends.  Anyhow, I enjoyed this book because I love hearing people's stories.  When someone lets you into their heart and soul it is so refreshing for me.  I feel like writing is a way that people can be vulnerable and as a reader it's comfortable to go there with them.  Josh has some great thoughts on life, the church, and loving people in this book.


2.  Sprarkly Green Earrings:  Catching the Light at Every Turn by Melanie Shankle

Melanie writes a blog called Big Mama and I've been reading it for a few months.  This is a memoir (of course) about parenting and her life as a momma.  It's a great book for moms out there to read, and one that wouldn't take you long at all.  One thing I love about this book is that I felt as though Melanie and I were sitting down for coffee and she was telling me these stories.  I loved how she'd be in the middle of a story and then start telling you about something else and then go back to the story.  She's a great writer and super funny.  There is something in this book for all moms to relate to.  I even shed a tear or two in one part, and that's always awkward when you are reading at a baseball game.


3.  I'll See You Again by Jackie Hance

I was recently in Costco and while waiting for a prescription I picked up this book off the chair next to me and started reading.  I was sucked in from the beginning and needed to know how this tragic story ended, so I checked it out of the library.  Jackie loses her three girls in a tragic car accident and this book is the story of the accident and the three years that followed.  People keep asking me how I could read such an awful book, and honestly I've already told you that I'm intrigued by people's stories and this was no different.  Her agony and pain was very evident throughout this book, and she even talked about wanting to die a lot to be with her girls.  One of my greatest fears in life is losing one of my kids, and so this book showed me that road and what it looked like for this mom.  I am not certain if Jackie is a believer, because there seemed to be a loss of hope in her words.  I understand this tragedy would take the wind out of anyones sails, but I didn't sense any trust in God during this time.  Someone suggested I read Mary Beth Chapman's book and see how they compared.  My biggest love of this book was how her community responded to her in her greatest time of need.  Literally they were her life.  They continued to stop by and bring her meals THREE years after this tragedy.  Her friends continued to make her do things with them just to get her out of the house.  Her friends slept at her house for over a year so that she wasn't alone.  Her friends and community surround her and her husband and helped them find life again.  I was blown away by this and challenged by this as well.


What did you read this month?  I'm starting a novel next.  That's good since everything I read this month was about someone's real life.